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Monday, 7 October 2013

Violations Parameters of ruqyah-1

Assalam oalaikum,

In my earlier posts I have discussed in detail the conditions that should be met in order to have ruqyah done in an Islamic way. Any type of deviation from the Sunnah method of performing ruqyah would be tantamount to committing a sin or shirk.
As we know that at any given time in a society vice exists along with virtue and good with evil. Therefore along with some of the best, noble doctors some quacks also exist who do not mind playing with the lives of their patients just to earn some bucks. Similarly along with some pious raqi practitioners unfortunately, there happen to be many people who violate the Islamic parameters of doing ruqua. Such people distorted ruqyah into a kind of a quackery and charlatantry. Just like giving bribes is as big a sin as taking it similarly getting ruqyah done by anti-Islamic methods is also as big a blunder as doing it. Moreover, many raqi started saying things that violate the conditions of ruqyah in Islam. In this respect, the Prophet Mohammad (saw) says, ‘There will come after me rulers who will abolish the Sunnah and practice heresies.’
(Al-Tabarani in Al-Kabeer on the authority of Abdullah bin Mas'oud)
Therefore one should keep a check and avoid the following rampant methods which deviate from the Sunnah:
Certain fraud raqis burn a portion of wolf’s skin and make the patient smell it. They also write talismans and ask the patient to wear them as taweez as they believe that the wolf’s skin will shield the patient from evil jinnaat as the jinnat are scared of wolves. This is a false claim based on superstitious beliefs and this is a wrong practice as well as it is based on mere jugglery and false belief. Therefore, this practice must be strictly forbidden.
 Some raqi write some verses of the Holy Qur'an on a piece of cloth. Then they burn it and bring it closer to the nose of the patient. They claim that this practice will burn, kill or suffocate the jinn. Some of these fraud raqis soak the cloth in musk before burning it. This practice is anti-Islamic and unlawful as it resorts to humiliating the Qur'an and contradicts the Sunnah method of healing. Therefore, this practice should be strictly avoided.
  Keep Me In Your Prayers
Amel Soname

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